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Thessaloniki is the trendy and cosmopolitan 2nd city of the country and the cultural centre of Northern Greece. It has a very distinct and welcoming character which is natural for a city built on the axis points of East-West and North-South. This fusion has seen the city become a food-lovers hotspot, with both traditional taverns and more upmarket restaurants serving a vibrant mixture of Greek and Eastern Mediterranean food.

The centre of the city has a wealth of historical sites, from the ancient Roman Rotunda and Arch of Galerius to the marble paved central square of Aristotelus. Starting at the iconic White Tower you can stroll along the seafront and have a coffee at one of the many fashionable cafes that line the promenade. Afterwards why not head to the cobble stoned Ladadika area, teaming with restaurants and chic bars.

The museums of the city host some of the greatest treasures of Alexander the Great’s dynasty and the intact walled fortress above it gives fantastic views over the city and the sea beyond. Of course, as a modern metropolis there is also a wealth of shopping opportunities with the street of Tsimiski providing a paradise for fashion lovers.