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Standing on a hill over the town of Platamonas, the thousand-year-old Castle of Platamon is one of the most impressive and well preserved castles in Greece. The castle was first built in the 10th century by the Byzantines and found its current form when being rebuilt by the Crusaders in 1204. The castle houses a church dating back to the early Christian period and excavations have shown it to be built on the ancient Greek city of Heraklion, the “first Macedonian city”.

It is easy to see why the castle was of such great value to its various occupiers as it guards the strategic route between Thessaly and Macedonia as well as looking out across the northern Aegean. Nowadays its walls, towers and cannons provide an excellent window to the past and a true experience of history.

The castle is walking distance or a short bike from the Olympus Villas complex and is a great focal point for any venture to the surrounding area.

Also the town of Platamonas itself is a great source of fresh food from its market and shops, while also hosting many restaurants, bars and taverns which make for a nice evening stroll. During the summer the castle hosts many events and festivals so for more information just ask our friendly team.