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The vast archaeological park and museum of ancient Dion are a wonderful opportunity to take a walk through a great city of Alexander the Great’s Macedonia. Named after Zeus, who looked down on it from his seat at Mt. Olympus, Dion was one of the most sacred sites of Ancient Macedonia.

The temple and sanctuaries of the city were where the New Year was celebrated and armies were purified and celebrated their victories with great sacrifices. The large-scale excavations have revealed much about the way of life during more than a thousand years of habitation at Dion, with a treasure trove of artefacts uncovered, as well as amazing temples, mosaics and an amphitheatre.

The most impressive of these findings are displayed at the on-site museum, so after a stroll through the well preserved remains in the park one can find the more delicate pieces there. Along with many ancient statues and coins is an ancient bronze water organ or hydraulis, believed to be the oldest of its kind in the world.

Ask our team for further details or directions and enjoy a great day out for all ages.